Christopher Kao

Christopher Kao

My name is Chris and I am a resident of East Palo Alto. I work as a software engineer. I am also a Public Works & Transportation Commissioner, advising City Council on infrastructure issues.

Petition for a Speed Hump on Your Street

Pretty exciting news! A number of streets in East Palo Alto are now eligible for speed humps even if buses run on them. Residents and businesses along Pulgas Ave, Clarke Ave, and parts of the University Village (to the north) should jump on this opportunity.

The Ravenswood Business District Specific Plan Update

The City of East Palo Alto has been working on an update to the Ravenswood Business District Specific Plan. Potential options studied include 2.8 million or 3.3 million sq ft of office space.

Future Linear Park in East Palo Alto

How can East Palo Alto work with the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to construct a new linear park on their land?

Clarke Avenue Pedestrian Overcrossing Lights Are Working Again

I just wanted to write a quick update that the Clarke Overcrossing lights are working again. I noticed them working last week, so around 1 week after my article reporting on why they are out. Why are the Clarke Avenue Overcrossing Lights Completely Out?Either there is a trend of