Mark Dinan

Mark Dinan

Lessons on Mobility From Paris

My family and I recently visited Paris on our summer vacation. Paris has changed remarkably since I last visited, transforming from a typical car-centric city to a place focused on making bikes, scooters, pedestrians, and public transportation priorities in mobility. It is remarkable to be in a city where you

OPA Update July 21, 2023

July 21, 2023 This has been a busy week in East Palo Alto for the broad coalition opposing OPA, the "Opportunity to Purchase Act"  On Sunday, we had a lively rally opposing OPA. OPA was on the Agenda at Tuesday’s City Council meeting. Council chambers were packed were packed,

East Palo Alto Public Works and Transportation Update - April, 2023

East Palo Alto Public Works and Transportation Commission had its monthly meeting on April 19th, 2023.  In case you missed it, here are some of the updates: * Staff hired a traffic signal consultant to synchronize traffic signals on University and streets around the city. It appears to be working and

Regina Carter's "Gone in a Phrase of Air" Visits East Palo Alto and Stanford

Jazz violinist Regina Carter performed her new multimedia project “Gone in a Phrase of Air” at the Bing Auditorium at Stanford University on Friday, April 21st 2023. This new work has great relevance to East Palo Alto, and focuses on the damage government policies of red lining, freeway construction, and

Shaky, Shaky, Shaky! Are We Ready For an Earthquake in EPA?

Labor Day 2028 - A 7.2 Earthquake hits the Hayward Fault, and East Palo Alto - located in a liquefaction zone - is devastated. Multiple aging apartment buildings collapse, and hundreds of people suddenly lose their homes.  Many residents have been injured in the earthquake and are desperately looking

Let's Build More Housing in East Palo Alto!

Housing is the single biggest concern of East Palo Alto residents.  Our current housing stock is expensive, old, overcrowded. People simply cannot afford to live here anymore, and are moving out of the city at a rapid pace.  We need to build more housing in East Palo Alto, and need

COVID Is Not Over

I went out looking for take home COVID tests today in East Palo Alto and was shocked that I could not find any, even for sale.  My son had COVID a few weeks ago, and we got free tests from the YMCA to test our family while he recovered. The

Let's Improve Our Parks In East Palo Alto!

Today (July 2nd, 2022) , I walked through an empty Martin Luther King Park on a beautiful Saturday morning on the Fourth of July Weekend. Parks around the country are packed with activity this holiday, but here in EPA MLK Park was completely empty, with both the gate to the parking

Resources for Dog and Cat Owners in East Palo Alto

East Palo Alto is a great place to have a pet. Many of our neighbors have dogs, cats, and one neighbor even has a zebra! Every day I see people walking their dogs on the Bay Trail, and there are thriving small businesses in our community walking dogs, boarding pets,